Industrial Generator Sales, Service, Repair and Maintenance of Long Island

Your Source for Industrial Generator Sales, Service, Repair and Maintenance on Long Island

The Provider is as important as the Product.

PowerPro Service Company, Inc. is the largest full service industrial / residential generator company on Long Island.  Their team of factory trained technicians are licensed, insured and certified to work on all of the major industrial brands of generators.

PowerPro carries these major, quality brands of industrial generators;

With over 3 decades of experience, PowerPro can help in the selection process, picking the right generator to suit your individual needs.  Give us a call to discuss what you would like your industrial generator to do and we will match you up with the manufacturer that best fits those requirements.

Some companies offer industrial generator sales.

Other companies restrict themselves to just industrial generator installations.

A few businesses specialize in just generator repairs.

PowerPro stands alone because we are there for you, every step from selection to installation to service.

Generators, especially the large industrial generators require regular maintenance, beginning with the annual oil and filter changes and ending with a complete inspection of every critical system.  From oil sampling analysis to load testing, PowerPro can keep your existing generator working at top efficiency and ready for any contingency.

PowerPro offers Preventative Maintenance plans that will insure your equipment is ready all the time. This includes regular industrial service visits to your place to insure that your generator and automatic switch are working properly.

24/7 emergency service is available to all Preventative Maintenance Contract clients.   Call any day or night and on weekends.  Emergency rates apply.  A PowerPro technician will be there to keep your lights on and your business open.

We have the experience, training and equipment to service your industrial generator needs.

Trust PowerPro for all your standby power needs on Long Island.