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The Provider is as important as the Product.

When you are considering the purchase of a new industrial generator for your Long Island-based business, PowerPro wants you to consider the big picture. Why settle for a company that will sell you a unit, but not be available when your system needs service, repair, and maintenance? Instead of searching online for “generator repair near me”, “generator service companies near me”, or “industrial generators for sale”, opt to buy and contract to service your industrial generator from PowerPro.

We are truly full-service, and our clients know that our maintenance and generator repair services are second to none. As another Long Island company, we understand that downtime equals productivity losses, and lost business can put you out of business. With a PowerPro service contract, the potential for system downtime is minimized. Should your system require emergency services, our team will be deployed as soon as you call. That’s true customer service, the PowerPro way. We’ll be there as scheduled, and whenever you need us. We stand by our products, our work, and your company.

PowerPro Service Company, Inc. is the largest full-service industrial/residential generator company on Long Island. Their team of factory-trained technicians is licensed, insured, and certified to work on all the major industrial brands of generators

PowerPro carries these major, top-quality brands of industrial generators;

With over 3 decades of experience, PowerPro can help in the selection process, picking the right generator to suit your individual needs and budget. Give us a call to discuss your industrial generator requirements, and we will match you up with the manufacturer that best fits your business needs. Remember:

  • Some companies offer industrial generator sales. That’s fine, but who will service, maintain, and repair your unit?
  • Other companies restrict themselves to just industrial generator installations. Again, that gets you up and running, but just like vehicles, industrial generators require routine maintenance for a long and reliable service life.
  • A few businesses specialize in just generator repair services. When your business is just another service call from an unknown client, do you really think you’ll receive the priority treatment you and your business deserves?
  • There are businesses that will only service the industrial generators that they have sold. When your business needs generator repair services, they’ll check to see if you are already a customer. If not, keep looking!

PowerPro stands alone because we are there for you, every step from selection to installation to service. For our full range of industrial generator services, from sales, maintenance, and prompt and professional generator repair services as well as your complete peace of mind, we invite you to contact us. So there’s no need to search online for “generator repair near me”, “generator service companies near me”, or “industrial generators for sale”. Instead, give us a call to discuss your current system and to learn more about the benefits of a service contract with PowerPro!

Generators, especially the large industrial generators, require regular maintenance, beginning with the annual oil and filter changes and ending with a complete inspection of every critical system.  From oil sampling analysis to load testing, PowerPro can keep your existing generator working at top efficiency and ready for any contingency.

PowerPro offers Preventative Maintenance plans that will insure your equipment is ready all the time. This includes regular industrial service visits to your place to ensure that your generator and automatic switch are working properly.

24/7 emergency service is available to all Preventative Maintenance Contract clients. Call any day or night and on weekends. Emergency rates apply. A PowerPro technician will be there to keep your lights on and your business open. Didn’t buy your industrial generator from PowerPro? No problem! We service what we sell, it’s true, but also service, maintain, and offer dependable generator repair services to existing systems.

Our clients from Brooklyln and Queens out to Montauk will tell you that we take pride in our professionalism, our workmanship, our products, but above all, in our customers. We will be on time for our scheduled installations and maintenance appointments, and swiftly deploy repair technicians should your unit require generator repair services.

Now that you know about PowerPro, forget about Googling, “generator repair near me”, “generator service companies near me”, or “industrial generators for sale”. We have the experience, training, and equipment to service your industrial generator needs.

Trust PowerPro for all your standby power needs on Long Island. Call 631-567-2700 today!


The Provider is as Important as the Product

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