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Kohler Industrial Generators

Kohler has been making generators since 1920 and utilizes that experience to remain a leader in the production of industrial generators. Their line of 60 industrial generators, ranging in size from 10 kilowatts to 4 megawatts, is the product of their advanced in-house engineering. Every Kohler meets tough industry testing and quality standards; UL, CSA, IBC and NFPA. Whether it is natural gas, LP or diesel powered or their new KD Series, Kohler industrial generators are EPA certified and backed by extensive warranties and responsive after-sale support.

No two situations are ever identical, so at Kohler, they offer the ultimate in customization on their industrial machines. Their diesel generators can be equipped with heavy-duty air cleaners, weatherproof enclosures, fuel tanks, block heaters and multiple circuit breaker systems. Kohler gas powered units can be modified for standby, prime or continuous operation. The KD Series of diesel generators represent the next leap forward in industrial power, with better fuel economy, a smaller physical footprint and engineering that will allow these units to last for decades.

Kohler Decision-Maker Controls are customized to meet your present and future needs. From basic controls to a more complex one that can handle multiple generators paralleling, Kohler’s Decision-Maker system puts the power at your fingertips, whether that is on your desktop, laptop or smartphone. Monitor software allows complete control of generators and transfer switches. PowerScan provides system monitoring 24/7, with alerts going to phone, email or fax. Their Remote Annunciator system provides for remote annunciation of faults and status conditions, for NFPA-110 compliance.

For larger jobs, the Kohler Decision-Maker 6000 Controller offers 100% integration of up to eight generators. Their DPS Master Control Panel handles load adding and shedding, can monitor events and handle any alarms. Their Power Distribution Switchboard and Automatic Transfer Switches ensure that every event aspect of power generation is centralized and easily accessible.

Kohler industrial generators can stand up to the worst weather environment, with industrial steel or heavy-duty aluminum enclosures for their 10kw to 3250kw units. Certified packages are UL 2200-listed, are IBC certified, and can withstand 181-mph winds. All enclosures are acoustically insulated, with advanced corrosion protection. This PowerArmor is a textured automotive grade finish that surpasses a 3500-hour salt spray exposure test. Enclosed Kohler generators have an advanced door system for enhanced security and easy access. Multiple doors and panels provide easy access to generator controls, fuel fill, fuel gauges, oil fill, and battery equipment. Oil and radiator drains are engineered to make it easier for service visits. Customization is always available, with electrical packages for lighting, heat, motorized louvers, and more. Just tell the pros at Power Pro what you need, and we’ll recommend the right Kohler industrial generators to supply it! We not only sell but also provide superior Kohler generator service and scheduled maintenance for your complete peace of mind.

Additionally, as required, Kohler industrial machines can be fitted with sub-base fuel tanks, which are UL listed and can be configured to meet cUL, IBC, and other required codes. These two containment walled tanks can provide up to 96 hours of operation and are protected from the environment with a Power Armor Plus finish. This is a textured epoxy-based, rubberized finish for durability and long life. Fuel tank customization is also available with options that include:

  • Alarm panels
  • Spill-fill containments
  • High fuel switches
  • Tank markings
  • Emergency pressure relief vents
  • A large electrical stub-up area
  • Leak detection switches
  • Fuel switch interface to provide fuel level indication

Kohler industrial generators are fine-tuned with the right options to fit your business’s unique needs and power requirements. These are available in single and three-phase, in all voltages.

Once you’ve selected your backup generator, your relationship with our team truly begins. We’re not a one-and-done shop. We service what we sell (and can maintain your Kohler even if you did not purchase it from us). Not only that, but we provide Kohler generator service that is unmatched anywhere. So make the call to our team. Our PowerPro factory-trained technicians stand ready to install and maintain all the Kohler line of products. Reactive and resistive load bank testing is also available.

Kohler and PowerPro offer the right tools for any job, with nearly a century of experience generating the right answers to any energy need. Teamed with the best brand in the industry, it’s a no-brainer when you’re looking to purchase powerful and reliable backup industrial-grade generators for your business. There’s no need to Google ‘Kohler generator service near me’ or ‘Kohler generators dealers near me’.

Just put PowerPro’s phone number on your cell: 631.567.2700. We’ll be there when you need us!

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