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Long Island juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and is known worldwide for its legendary beaches. However, during harsh weather, our island paradise can take the brunt of seasonal storms. When electrical power is lost due to a hurricane, thunderstorm, or damaged wires from ice and snow, business productivity and profits can be lost. And daily family life is interrupted as well. These are just two compelling reasons to consider purchasing a Natural Gas generator, LP, or Diesel generator. Perhaps you already own a generator but do not have a service contract and that vendor is out of business. Are you also out of luck? Once that has been decided, the next step should be where to find the best value in an industrial generator for sale and service on Long Island. It really isn’t necessary to Google, “generators for sale”, “commercial generator for sale”, or “industrial generators for sale”. Contact the reliable service provider your business associates, competitors, neighbors, family, and friends already depend on for, well the most dependable generators available – PowerPro.

PowerPro Generators Inc. knows that when storms and other forces create even short-term utility power failures, these can create additional healthcare needs and possible threats to personal and family security, too. These factors alone should convince you to consider the need to buy a generator. Whatever your reason, PowerPro Generators Inc. has the right equipment for the right job. PowerPro is authorized to sell and service many reliable and well-respected brands. This wide selection of suppliers gives us an extensive full range of options in equipment, price, and availability. These include Briggs and Stratton, GENERAC, Gillette, Kohler, Honeywell, GE, and Cummins.

PowerPro offers generators for sale on Long Island, as well as our competitive ‘equipment-only’ pricing for pickup or curbside delivery. Additionally, we offer our ‘ReadySet’ package pricing for the home or business, which includes the equipment, optional concrete pad, delivery, placement, battery and start-up. By now you must realize that when you are looking for residential or commercial generators for sale, stop keyboarding “generators for sale”, “commercial generator for sale”, or “industrial generators for sale”, and pick up your cell phone. Look no further than PowerPro Generators, Inc.

Here are some more reasons to purchase your unit from us:

We carry a broad range of industrial generators for sale as well. Our three-phase generators are available as well for industrial applications and the strict demands and requirements imposed on Engineering and Architectural firms. Some of these include UL142 double-walled fuel tanks, UL2200 design features, sound-attenuated enclosures, outdoor-rated and service entry-rated switches, and seismic mounts to name a few.

So your older unit is in need of maintenance or repair, but that sales office closed years ago? No problem. Again, there’s no need to search online for “generators for sale”, “commercial generator for sale”, or “industrial generators for sale”. PowerPro has you covered. We will gladly come out and assess your needs and make the necessary repairs, even if you did not buy your standby power unit from us!

Whether your personal need is for a generator for your home, your business, or even a large commercial industrial enterprise, we have the generator you need. In addition, PowerPro has the equipment, the knowledge, and competitive pricing to provide the right sized generator at the best possible price. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. So there is no need whatsoever to search online for “generators for sale”, “commercial generator for sale”, or “industrial generators for sale”. Whatever your backup system requirements, we can readily assist. Be sure to contact Power Pro Generators Inc. for more information about generator sales, maintenance, and repairs on Long Island.

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