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Long Island is surrounded by water, and many homeowners as well as those who own vacation and rental properties by or near the shoreline are rightfully concerned about the efficiency of their coastal standby generators. It is especially true year round, not just during the hurricane season, when our coastlines are battered by high-winds along with the potential for floodwaters. That is due to the high salt content of both the ocean and Long Island Sound. Salt is corrosive and could impact the efficiency and reliability of a coastal generator. But not with a Coastal Protection Package from PowerPro.

We do not just sell and install high-quality, dependable generators from leading brands throughout our region, but also realize that certain areas have environmental requirements that need to be addressed. PowerPro’s Coastal Protection Package for our standby power clients provides the peace of mind needed so that when you need reliable backup power, that your coastal generator is in top condition and ready to perform optimally. Our Coastal Protection Package ensures that coastal standby generators are protected from damage caused by the corrosive forces of salt water.

What can you expect from PowerPro’s Coastal Protection Package? It begins with a thorough inspection of the unit. Our technicians will disassemble and remove the enclosure to allow access to areas to be treated with our proprietary corrosion inhibitor. The inhibitor is then applied with multiple coats to insure the best coverage possible. Lastly, 2 coats of a sealer wax will be applied to the enclosure exterior to minimize the adhesion of salt, dust, and dirt.

In addition to protecting the components receiving this treatment, all accessible electrical terminations will receive a spray of protective sealant. These include terminations at the starter motor, control panel, safety devices, switches, and sensors.

The Coastal Protection treatment does not enhance or extend the manufacturer’s warranty and does not provide any independent warranty. It is a treatment designed to help prevent corrosion from the impact of the environment we find here on Long Island.

If you have an interest in this degree of protection, please be sure to ask for this when you call.

You invested in a coastal generator to make certain that your power to your home or business remains on no matter what the season, or climate impacts. For complete peace of mind for those homes and businesses situated near the coastline, you’ll want to know more about PowerPro’s Coastal Protection Package.

Even for coastal standby generators that were not purchased from PowerPro, we can help to preserve your investment. Just give our team a call to learn more.

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