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Industrial generator sales at PowerPro are growing daily, as local businesses realize the importance of energy security.  PowerPro has achieved premier dealer status for most of the major industrial generator companies out there; GENERAC, KOHLER, Gillette, Cummins and Briggs and Stratton. This means the best in the business have recognized PowerPro as the business reps who maintain their high standards as we serve our customers. It also means that PowerPro provides the widest choices from the top manufacturers of commercial generators for sale.

PowerPro has a concept-to-completion philosophy, where our experts and technicians are there for you from energy analysis and the original specs to startup and regular industrial generator maintenance. For example, our selection of the top brands in industrial emergency generators operate on gaseous and diesel fuels, including #2 regular fuel oil. Gaseous fueled units can produce up to 1000 kw while diesel fueled units up can generate up to 3MW and more. Do you know which is the right choice for your needs? Not to worry! Our team of professionals will listen to your requirements and recommend the optimal commercial generator selection that fits your business needs and your budget!

Now that you know PowerPro offers the best selection of commercial generators for sale, know that we also have your back. We consider the big picture so that if you are not yet aware of a regulation or compliance mandate, again, there’s no reason for concern, we know what needs doing! For example, PowerPro has decades of experience providing outdoor sound enclosures for industrial generators, to reduce the generator noise to safe and code-compliant levels. Nassau, Suffolk, and NYC have strict fuel tank regulations. PowerPro works with major fuel tank manufacturers to mate any model industrial generator to a code-compliant diesel fuel tank suitable for your needs. PowerPro also has years of experience fitting open industrial generators within a designated machinery room. So our expertise is not limited to offering commercial generators for sale. We are complete professionals in every aspect of our trade and proud of every business partnership that we forge.

Why Choose PowerPro?

Industrial generator installation is a complex and daunting experience. PowerPro staffers are THE experts at sizing, equipment selection, sales and delivery, architectural and engineering works, town and local permitting, site planning, civil works, rigging, electrical and mechanical works, start up, training, and industrial generator maintenance. In short: For seamless commercial generator services from installations to repairs, we know what needs doing, and how to do it right!

A superior customer service experience is what our team strives for. This means we do not part company with our customers after the install. PowerPro will stand with you from the original industrial generator sale to its regular operation. Our trained service department offers regular industrial generator maintenance visits, warranty administration, and industrial generator emergency service. At PowerPro our goal is to provide you and your business with complete peace of mind about your industrial generator. We’ll make sure that it will serve your business well for years to come so that your industrial generator will keep your business up and operating through any power outage. Our business helps yours to stay in business! That’s the PowerPro promise!

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