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Gillette Generators

For over 50 years, Gillette Generators have been providing American built generators to the residential, commercial, military, agricultural, and industrial market. From their 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space in Elkhart, Indiana, they build and ship generators across the globe. PowerPro is proud to offer Gillette generators for sale as well as our superior Gillette generators service!

Gillette produces both diesel generators and units that run on natural gas or liquid propane.  These come in one and three-phase models, with their single phase being 120-240 VAC and their three-phase units offered in 120-208, 120-240, and 277-480 VAC.

There are 15 models of gas powered Gillette generators, ranging in size from 25kw to 800kw. There are 25 models of diesel units, 30 kilowatts to 1000kw to choose from. Gillette powers these diesel units with GM Vortec, John Deere, MTU, Mitsubishi, and Volvo Prime Mover engines. Both their gas units and the diesel machines use Marathon or Stamford generators to create the electricity to operate any worksite, home, commercial building, or industrial facility. Turn to the experts at PowerPro for our professional guidance. We’ll help you to choose just the right model from our Gillette generator selection for your home or business.

Every generator in the Gillette line is USA prototype built, 100% load tested, and certified UL-1446 and UL-2200. When installed per NFPA standards, all generators meet NFPA-110.

Standard equipment includes:

  • Heavy duty 100% – 125% rate circuit breakers
  • Solid state, frequency compensated digital voltage regulation
  • PMG Excitation System to enhance performance
  • Electronic engine governor system, offering precise isochronous frequency regulation

The DEEP SEA 7420 digital controller is also a standard feature on all Gillette generators. This allows for programming of the basic engine functions in the field. This unit has Stop – Manual – Auto and Engine Shutdown modes. Their remote annunciator keeps an operator informed on any events or alarms. The DEEP SEA 7420 has an LCD display in “full text” and is very easy to read.

PowerPro is proud to have partnered with Gillette Generators. Both our firms believe that our customers are our greatest asset. Gillette’s goal is to continue to build and deliver world-class products and services, while PowerPro’s team strives to deliver these products at a level that exceeds our customers’ expectations. For example, customer satisfaction is at the core of our business model. That’s why at PowerPro, we provide expert Gillette generators service even it you did not buy your Gillette generator from us!

Increasingly, homeowners and business owners alike are coming to realize that power interruptions from a wide range of causes from natural forces to accidents are disruptions we can all live without. For businesses, a loss of power means a loss of productivity and revenue. For homeowners, living without power even for a day erodes their peace of mind and creates concerns for their family’s safety. These issues can be completely avoided with a generator from PowerPro.

To learn more about our Gillette Generators for sale or any of the other select brands we sell and service, contact our team today!


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