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The possibility of having uninterrupted power in your home has been on every owner’s mind at some point. The very real possibility of being plunged into darkness, potentially for days due to a road accident or intense storm that knocks out your power is very stressful to even think about. Outages, especially after a hurricane, can last for days as utility companies work to restore power on a priority basis. Residential customers, unless there is a chronically ill family member, are not the first to have their power restored. There is also the potential for perishables in refrigerators and freezers to spoil, prompting a potential insurance claim. And let’s not forget that your technology and entertainment equipment can be damaged when the power finally surges back on. Despite all the sound reasons to opt for a residential generator, some homeowners have considered but then put off having a generator installed as they do not want the obligation of ownership and maintenance for this type of system. That is all about to change!

If you are among the many Long Islanders who want a backup power system for your residence but are concerned about the expenses associated with its ownership, you’ll be glad to hear this important announcement from PowerPro – we now offer a generator lease. After all, you subscribe to your cell phone, internet, and cable services, and value the convenience that option offers. Maybe you’ve appreciated the convenience of leasing your vehicles as well. PowerPro, the name Long Islanders trust for their emergency power systems, offers a revolutionary concept that will enable homeowners to realize their wishes. Now, through PowerPro, access to uninterrupted power to your home is not only possible and of course, affordable, but also free from the responsibility of having to own, maintain, and arrange for the repair of your home’s standby power system. We proudly offer a generator leasing program to our customers for a GENERAC backup power system.

GENERAC generators are one of the top brands in our industry. They run quieter than most other brands, making them the ideal choice for your home. Having a GENERAC generator will increase the value of your property as well. Best of all, GENERAC generators are automatic and run off your current natural gas or LP fuel supply. With GENERAC, there’ll be no going outside in treacherous weather to refuel your generator to keep your lights on!

PowerPro stands alone in our marketplace to offer a GENERAC generator lease to our valued customers. We want you to have peace of mind knowing that whatever the weather forecast, you and your family will be safe and secure. Your lights will remain on, your security system active, if you work remotely your productivity will not be impacted, and you can enjoy all the family entertainment activities that you take for granted thanks to uninterrupted power. Mindful that for many, owning a backup power system is not desirable, PowerPro is the only local vendor to offer our customers a generator lease option instead of just backup system ownership.

For one affordable monthly payment, our customers will have a top-quality GENERAC generator installed, maintained, and repaired as needed over a ten-year lease period. This generator leasing agreement provides all the same services that one would expect from owning a standby generator, however, generator leasing completely removes the stress of ownership, including the cost and for some, financial burden of ownership and all that it entails. Stop dreaming and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes from having a GENERAC backup power system from PowerPro.

What are you waiting for? It will be hurricane season before you know it! Contact our team today!

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