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Worldwide, when power emergencies arise, Cummins is the manufacturer most relied upon for emergency, standby, or prime power management. Available from 4 to 2,700 kilowatts of power, every Cummins generator set features a global infrastructure standing to provide application know-how, design engineering, and full life-cycle accountability.

As a single source manufacturer, Cummins produces and assembles all their generator systems’ key components. From design to performance control, Cummins offers scalable solutions to fulfill every power requirement. Behind every Cummins system are years of field-proven reliability. Whether for fail-safe performance to protect key operations or in life-threatening situations, Cummins provides power and the peace of mind their clients require and deserve. When you’re considering a generator for your home, business, or even your RV, call the pros at Power Pro. We’re the provider of choice for Cummins generator sales, maintenance, and service!

Cummins’ PowerCommand microprocessor-based control system is one of the reasons their corporation is the power generation world leader. With one step and within 10 seconds, PowerCommand systems will start and assume the load. Since every gen set internal component is by Cummins, their generators will reach system stabilization faster than multi-vendor systems. Startup, synchronization, and non-break power transitions are all under true digital control, with the PowerCommand system working independently or in parallel systems with multiple Cummins generator units. Translation: faster response times, with greater reliability and efficiency.

Cummins engineered sophisticated diagnostic, metering, protection, remote monitoring, and networkability into every PowerCommand system. Using a distributed logic concept, various Cummins generator systems can be integrated together. Cummins automatic transfer switches, paralleling load transfer equipment, and digital master control units can be united for flawless, widespread complete supervisory functions.

The Cummins name comes with a company based sales, distribution, and post-sale service unmatched by any other manufacturer. For matchless Cummins generator maintenance services, turn to Power Pro.

  • Their power system engineers can streamline the specification process, coordinating all design aspects of the requested power system.
  • Every required sequence of operation is tested and validated at their manufacturing facility, prior to shipping a generator system.
  • All electronics and control systems are programmed with common communication protocols, for simple integration and reliable, repeatable performance.
  • Anywhere on the globe, Cummins people can provide full-scale installation and commissioning.
  • Rugged, fuel-efficient Cummins diesel engines power all of their generator systems, each equipped with low emissions technologies including EPA Tier 4 interim-certified systems.
  • A planned maintenance program will be in place on Day 1 of operation, ensuring a life cycle of dependability from your Cummins generator.
  • Round-the-clock emergency service is available, with a single point contact for every issue or concern. Depend on Power Pro to provide the on-demand Cummins generator services to ensure long and reliable power.
    • Onan generators for RVs are designed to run at lower sound levels so that both you and nearby campsites can sleep easy. Upon request, Power Pro offers certified Cummins ONAN services.

Cummins offers complete power systems, with turnkey operation. Whether fueled by LP, Natural Gas, or Diesel, their state-of-the-art technologies can provide:

  • Emergency and Standby Power
  • Prime Power
  • Peak Power
  • Distributed power
  • Cogeneration
  • Power Management Solutions

Cummins generator systems can be found worldwide in:

  • Airports
  • Data Centers
  • Government Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Large Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Mining Operations
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Cummins is the most trusted name among generator systems. Look to this brand for their engines, alternators, control systems, turbochargers, and emission control systems. For power and peace of mind, Cummins offers your optimal solution. When your Cummins generator requires maintenance, turn to Power Pro. We service what we sell, and will service any generator regardless if it was purchased through us. So there’s no need to search online for  “Cummins generator service” or  “Cummins generator repair near me”.

Just put PowerPro’s phone number on your cell: 631.567.2700. We’ll be there when you need us!

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