Residential Generators from PowerPro Service Company

PowerPro offers a full range of residential generators that are designed to be quiet, reliable and code compliant. Every town and village has a different requirement for generator installation and placement.
This may limit other companies in their choice of product. Not here at PowerPro as we are the region’s largest supplier of residential and industrial generators with more than 7 name brands to choose from.


Additionally, residential generators are typically rated from 7kw to 150kw. These can be fueled by LP, Natural Gas or Diesel. Because of this there are many more manufacturers of residential grade generators than there are for commercial or industrial units. The ‘strictly’ residential manufacturers do not build into their products the design philosophy and materials of those who also manufacturer larger units. These residential manufacturers have more of the throw away concept.


We at PowerPro do not share this same concept. All of the generators we sell come from companies that also manufacture large commercial and industrial products. They have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities you want in a generator for your home. This is where it is important to you and this is why it is important for you to trust your residential generator selection, installation and service to us.


Reliability and Excellence


We have the products that are reliable and last and the people who are trained to sell and service them. We supply only name brand equipment from companies that are tried and true, those that have the experience and working knowledge of the equipment you want at your home.

Get in touch to ensure your home always has power.