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No matter the weather, business, and personal productivity, security, and safety are some of the reasons more and more companies and homeowners are contributing to the growth of the residential generator industry. At various times throughout the year, the weather can turn harsh, and negatively impact local power grids. Long Island, in particular, due to its location out in the ocean, and topography made up generally of flat plains, makes many residences more prone to sudden power disruptions, thereby driving the demand for highly reliable residential generators in the overall generators market.

First, an overview of the industry and the product types that are available. The residential generators market is segmented into type, fuel type, and power rating. By type, the market is split into stationary and portable units. By fuel type, the portable choices are primarily gasoline. By power rating, it is fragmented into less than 4 KW, 4- 8 KW, 8-17 KW, and more than 17 KW.

You’ve just learned that there are numerous types of residential generators, including portable models. These machines prove their worth in emergency scenarios and are generally used in homes during outages to power a variety of appliances including lights, freezers, sump pumps, heaters, TVs, computers, chargers, water purifiers, and window and portable air conditioners. Many RVers will take smaller generator units along when they are tailgating, and camping. You are about to learn, however, that the best place to shop for residential generators for sale is at PowerPro, right here on Long Island.

PowerPro offers a full range of residential generators for Long Island households that are designed to be quiet, reliable, and code compliant. Every town and village has a different requirement for generator installation and placement. This may limit other companies in their choice of products. Not here at PowerPro, as we are the region’s largest supplier of residential and industrial generators with more than 7 name brands to choose from. We are conversant with local regulations and will gladly assist our customers to select from the best, and fully compliant, residential generators for any Long Island address.

Additionally, residential generators are typically rated from 7kw to 150kw. These can be fueled by LP, Natural Gas, or Diesel. Because of this, there are many more manufacturers of residential grade generators than there are for commercial or industrial units. The ‘strictly’ residential manufacturers do not build into their products the design philosophy and materials of those who also manufacture larger residential generators. These manufacturers have more of the ‘throw away’ concept. In essence, such units are built with the idea of pre-planned obsolescence and much shorter service life for these generators. Residential units do not have to be less durable than their commercial cousins. Not. At. All.

We at PowerPro do not share the ‘throw away’ concept. All the generators we sell come from companies that also manufacture large commercial and industrial products. They have the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities you want in a generator for your home. This is where it is important to you and this is why it is important for you to trust your team at PowerPro. We’re not only offering the best, most reliable, and most durable residential generators for sale. From selection, installation, and service, the PowerPros team will never let you or your family down during a power outage.

Reliability and Excellence

PowerPro only offers products that are reliable, are made to last, and are sold by knowledgeable people who are trained to sell and service them. We supply only name brand equipment from companies that are tried and true, those that have the experience and working knowledge of the equipment you want at your home. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount concepts here at PowerPro. That is why we offer a wide range of residential generators for sale from the best names in our business: GENERAC, KOHLER, Gillette, Cummins, and Briggs and Stratton. You can rely on PowerPro for great customer service, maintenance, and repairs, too!

If you are thinking that having a stationary residential generator is the best option for you, consider the value-add having a home with a backup power system can mean to prospective buyers when you decide to put your home on the market. While stationary generators have long been a popular choice, portable residential generators have dominated the residential generators market since 2020. This type is projected to remain the fastest-growing segment for the foreseeable future. That’s right, portable generators are growing in popularity in the U.S. residential generators market. After all, given the ever-increasing popularity of RVs and camping, your ‘residence’ is wherever and for as long as you wish to be there!

Why You Should Purchase Your Generator from PowerPro

The standby power industry is gaining traction worldwide. Every home and business owner has considered purchasing a generator for uninterrupted power no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. However, it is not a new concept by any means. Frank Navetta, PowerPro’s Owner and President has been at the forefront and has logged more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in the power generator industry. Early on, he worked at Detroit Diesel in power generation and marine applications and sales. In time, he made a career shift to standby power generation design and fabrication with Caterpillar Power Systems internationally. As an industry innovator, Frank also holds patents specific to generator electrical systems.

Education and innovation is the hallmark of our enterprise. We firmly believe in continuing and furthering the education of all of PowerPro’s technicians. Each receives continuing factory and in-service training throughout their tenure at PowerPro. Additionally, Frank lends his expertise by regularly teaching at the Electrical Training Center, where electricians update their skills and earn certificates on power generation knowledge and proper installation practices of residential and light commercial generators.

Another compelling reason to buy your generator from PowerPro is our numerous industry associations with prestigious groups such as the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA), Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI), Nassau Electrical League (NEL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association (SCECA). As in any business relationship we expect that you will measure our performance by our work ethic and the satisfaction we provide. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and unparalleled customer service.

For the best residential generators on Long Island, meet the team at PowerPro who invite you to contact us today!

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