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GENERAC has over fifty years of experience producing industrial generators.  They are known for reliable and durable units that require very little maintenance.  Their extensive line of generators feature reduced emissions and are extremely eco-friendly.

GENERAC generators can be built with MPS technology, which allows scalability in power production.   Every one of their generators, no matter if they are diesel powered natural gas or bi-fueled, can be combined together using their Modular Power System.From 10 kW to 2 MW, GENERAC can supply you the power you need, exactly when you need it.

GENERAC generators are extensively customizable, offering a variety of control systems, sound attenuated enclosures and a variety of alternators.  Every unit leaving their facility undergoes extensive testing, torsional analysis and structural soundness tests.  They meet every major industry standard, including UL2200, CSA, NFPA 110 and NEC.

From the GENERAC 10Kw generator to their largest 1250Kw unit, their entire line comes equipped with the PowerManager digital control system.  With the touch of a button or a click of the mouse, operators will have constant monitoring control, with adjustable parameters and built-in protective alarms.  GENERAC puts in the highest level of reliability and with the PowerManagersystem you will be able to actually see the outstanding performance.

GENERAC’s fifty years of experience goes into their alternators, which are optimized for outstanding performance.  These are machine wound and inserted and varnished for the ultimate in consistency.  Vented rotors contribute to cooler operation, a longer life and enhanced efficiency.

GENERAC diesel generators are easy to maintain.  They have a track record of incredible endurance in the harshest environment and are EPA compliant.  They are built to tolerate dirty fuel and still remain responsive and durable.

The GENERAC natural gas generators offer smaller carbon footprints with reduced air quality emission levels.  By applying the latest in technology, GENERAC has created a line of gas generators unsurpassed in reliability and longevity.

GENERAC manufactures its own generator enclosures, utilizing the latest engineering advances in noise reduction.  They are weather resistant, streamlined in design and attain the highest level of durability.  A heavy-duty base frame ensures an accurate alignment between the engine and the alternator at all times.  Vibration isolators contribute to every unit’s smooth operation.  Oil and water drain points are situated for easy access and power cable stub-ups make installation simple.

GENERAC industrial machines lead the competition on every measurable scale.  Choose the best name in generators along with the best provider of service, PowerPro Service Company Inc.

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