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Residential Generator Maintenance & Repair Long Island

Your Source for Residential Service and Repairs on Long Island

For residential generator maintenance and repair, PowerPro is the first name you should think of. We are the largest full service generator repair company on Long Island, with highly trained technicians familiar with every type of residential generator, including AKSA, Briggs and Stratton, GENERAC, Gillette, Kohler, Honeywell, GE and Millbank, as well as many smaller brands. No matter where you purchased your generator or who installed it, it’s time to get the best residential generator company in the industry on the job.

Generators are complex machines, and as such they require regular maintenance like any other machine, from your car to your refrigerator. At PowerPro, we understand the importance of regular upkeep, which is why we provide Preventative Maintenance plans to ensure that your generator is always in peak condition. Our technicians will schedule regular visits to your home at your convenience so that your generator never goes too long without a “checkup”. You wouldn’t let your car go for years without an oil change or tuneup, so why should your generator be any different?

PowerPro has many clients all over Long Island, so you can be sure that we are always ready to head out to your home for an emergency call; in fact, there’s a good chance that one of our technicians is already in the area! We offer 24/7 emergency service options to all our PM Contract clients for times when you need your generator fixed at any time of the night or weekend.

PowerPro has the training, experience, and proper equipment to make sure your residential generator is always in peak form.

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