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Over the past century, Long Island has seen many a severe hurricane season. While few if any can remember the great storm of 1938, its impacts can still be seen on many historic buildings out on the East End when water levels rose significantly and flooded downtown homes and properties. In recent years, we’ve witnessed Hurricane Katrina and Sandy. Both left hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders without power, some for several weeks. In the wake of such storms, many home and business owners have protected their families and enterprises by installing a reliable, dependable, backup power system on their premises. For most, that system alone would be sufficient. However, for those living in flood zones, the best protection to ensure reliable power no matter what Mother Nature sends our way, is to install a generator stand.

For this installation, a concrete pad provides the ideal base. There are numerous types of generator platforms available, but the most durable are either made of precast- or cast-on-site concrete, or an open steel framework. By using a platform or generator stand, an elevated generator will escape damage should floodwaters sweep onto your premises during a severe storm. It is just common sense that to protect the investment that safeguards your family and livelihood if your home or business is in or near a recognized flood plain, you take this extra step to ensure your complete peace of mind. PowerPro offers a wide range of generator stands that are compatible with any auxiliary system. And if you are considering the purchase of a backup power system for your home or business, PowerPro can install an elevated generator stand even if you did not buy your system from us!

Keep the internal components of your backup power system protected from flooding and/or groundwater runoff with an elevated generator stand. Sturdy, and constructed from tensile steel and other durable components, PowerPro’s generator stands can be secured permanently to your slab to withstand even hurricane-force winds. Learn more about this and PowerPro’s other generator services, maintenance contracts, and more. Speak with our team today!

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