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There are many reasons to consider looking into residential generators for sale on Long Island. You would not be alone. In fact, home generator sales have skyrocketed in recent years since Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina swept over our region. Mother Nature did not spare Long Island and only residences with backup power systems kept their lights on and their homes safe. It was an unfortunate fact but along with the inconvenience of the widespread and for many, long-term power outages, there were numerous break-ins across the Island. Criminals took advantage of the opportunity knowing that most home security systems were temporarily silenced. We do not mention this fact as a scare tactic, but a powerful incentive, among many, to consider residential generators. You may have turned to your family, neighbors, and friends for their opinions, and referrals. And you doubtless heard one name again and again- PowerPro.

We are known throughout the region for our unmatched customer service, dependability, and the quality of our brands. PowerPro offers a wide range of the top names in backup power solutions, including:

  • Kohler generators
  • GENERAC generators
  • Briggs & Stratton generators
  • Gillette generators
  • Honeywell generators

Our commitment to you does not end with your purchase. PowerPro sells, installs, maintains, repairs, and services all of these reliable and well-known brands, which gives us an expansive selection of choices in equipment, price, and availability that will be ideal for everyone who has been researching local home generator sales and service teams. Whatever your backup power requirements, PowerPro Generators Inc. offers the most efficient standby power systems for installation in your home.

We want to advise you as to why having a standby power system can be beneficial to you and your family. Power losses can be inconvenient as well as expensive. Even a brief power outage can cause hundreds even thousands of dollars of damage in your residence due to food spoilage, and damage to computers, home theaters, home fitness centers, media equipment, and appliances. As for inconvenience, many professionals have opted for a hybrid work model where home office access to high-speed internet as well as electrical power is imperative for their continued productivity. Also, in addition to food, proper temperatures must be maintained for vintages. Our region’s excellent wineries have enabled many to establish wine cellars to house their collection, and kitchen renovations now are often designed to accommodate a wine fridge. A loss of temperature control can easily turn a fine vintage into, well, salad dressing.

On a more serious note, if anyone in your household requires the use of medical equipment, having uninterrupted power is imperative. We also appreciate that when your children are grown, that you will likely consider selling your residence. At that time, you’ll quickly realize that having a backup power system not only increases the value of your property but, should you sell during a buyer’s market, having a standby generator will expand your home’s potential buyer pool.

Primarily these examples are the reasons home generator sales have increased exponentially in our region in recent years. Now that your search for residential generators for sale has led you to our door, know that PowerPro offers the equipment, knowledge, reliability, and experience to fulfill your residential backup power needs. The PowerPro team welcomes the chance for you to get to know us and offers confidential consultations. We invite you to contact PowerPro today at 631-567-2700.

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