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The team at PowerPro congratulates you on your decision to buy a generator for your home and/or business. Once installed, you may expect many years of reliable, uninterrupted power no matter what the forecast states. While we have a range of payment options, and many of our customers prefer to finance their standby power backup system or systems, others would like to pay in cash or by check. If you elect to buy your generator using one of these payment options, here is what you can expect:

In 1978 the U.S. government passed the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) which protects consumers using specific types of electronic money conveyances. You can have peace of mind if you opt to use Electronic Checks, which replace paper checks. (Know that PowerPro accepts paper checks as well!) In essence, you’ll be creating a virtual check and submitting it for payment to PowerPro to buy your generator.

Paper checks are the time-honored, traditional way to make purchases. In addition to your canceled check, you will receive an itemized receipt as proof of purchase. Also, if you prefer to buy your generator using a bank or cashier’s check, or even a certified check (both are available from the financial institution that holds your checking and/or savings accounts), that is recommended.

Payments in cash at the time of purchase will receive a receipt as proof of purchase.

Whatever form of payment you decide to use, once your backup power system has been installed, PowerPro advises that you also consider adding one of our maintenance plans. Consider this a form of insurance that your generator will always be in top shape and ready to withstand whatever forces of nature impact your area. Learn more by contacting our professionals at PowerPro today!

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