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Many towns and villages on Long Island are named for indigenous people who once lived in the area. However, there is no Manhasset tribe. Instead, the name is derived from an Indian term that translates to “The Island Neighborhood”. That is fitting as, first and foremost, this is a family-oriented town. Its major attraction for its almost 9,000 inhabitants is the quality of its school system, where the student-to-teacher ratio is 12:1. It is also ideal for those who work in Manhattan, as the trip is approximately 28 “express minutes” to Manhattan by the Long Island Railroad, and about a 35-minute drive to the Midtown tunnel along the Long Island Expressway.

There is a local landmark, Shelter Rock, an Ice Age remnant that weighs a dainty 1,800 tons. But the real attraction for many from Manhattan to the East End is the fabled Americana shopping center featuring designer boutiques including many very high-end retailers such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

For decades, the short commuting distance to well-paying jobs in Manhattan made the village a magnet for business executives. Today, many have opted for remote or hybrid work and having reliable power in their residences to run the technology that governs all our lives is essential. That’s where savvy home and local business owners who cannot afford downtime are considering the importance of purchasing quality, reliable, backup power generators from the local firm they can trust, Power Pro. Now you know there is no reason to Google, “Manhasset generators near me”. Just follow your neighbors and business acquaintances and contact our team.

Around Manhasset, generators are appearing in backyards and in the backs of stores on Main Street to provide the power businesses and business leaders require to remain productive, no matter what the forecast predicts. In addition to the area’s haute couture shopping mecca, there are many businesses and restaurants in Manhasset. Generators can ensure that their power remains on no matter how severe the weather becomes in Manhasset. Generators for sale at home and big box stores do not offer a range of top brands, nor repair and maintenance contracts. That’s a real consideration that should be factored in before you buy.

Hurricanes notwithstanding, winters on the North Shore can also be grueling, especially along the ‘Sound. PowerPro Generators, Inc. provides professional Manhasset generator installation and maintenance services. We want to ensure that no one in this vibrant town has to endure the hardship that severe weather can bring. That’s why we’ll gladly service and maintain your generator, even if you did not purchase it from us! For those of you considering a backup power system, know PowerPro Generators, Inc. offers many ways to make generator ownership as convenient as possible. We also carry and service every leading generator brand, such as GENERAC, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton to name a few. Remember, even if you currently have a generator and did not purchase it from PowerPro, we’ll be glad to maintain and repair it as necessary. Having a home or industrial generator not only provides you and your family as well as your local business with peace of mind. It is also a value-add in Manhasset. Generators pay for themselves at resale by increasing the value of your home!

So forget about searching online for ‘Manhasset generators near me’. Be a step ahead of your competition and get the backup power that will see you through every storm and every season! We invite you to learn more by contacting our team at PowerPro Generators, Inc. today!

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