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Most of the time, Long Island is a paradise on earth. We have world-class beaches, great fishing, wineries, recreational opportunities abound, and all within easy access to New York City. The downside of Long Island, if there is one, is that it is uniquely positioned, out in the Atlantic Ocean, to take the brunt of just about any severe storm, especially the hurricanes that rumble up the coast every Fall. Most of us can remember Hurricane Katrina, which passed through in 2012, and the lasting inconveniences it caused locally. Many were without power for weeks, food had to be brought in, no lights, no internet. Well, lesson learned, it does not have to be that way ever again. Make it a point to contact PowerPro Generators Inc., the leading GENERAC generator installers on Long Island, and you’ll never have to suffer the lasting consequences of Mother Nature again!

PowerPro Generators, Inc. is renowned for our customer service, and we service the generators we sell!  Generac is one of the most popular and reliable generator brands. There is no need for you to search online for ‘generac installers near me’ or ‘generac generators service near me’. PowerPro is the place to go for all your backup power requirements. Here are some reminders as to why you should consider a generator, and why your generator should be a GENERAC.

Backup generators ensure that your technology devices, TVs, and appliances will not be damaged by power surges and fluctuations, which can impact sensitive electronic components. They keep your lights on. Having power means your fridge will function and your family’s food will remain fresh. You’ll be able to cook and maintain a semblance of normalcy until the storm passes and repair crews reach your neighborhood.

GENERAC generators are very popular for many reasons. They are cost effective, and they run quieter than most other brands. GENERAC generators are permanently installed so think of their cost as a value add to your property at resale. In addition, GENERAC generators are automatic and run off your current natural gas or LP fuel supply. With GENERAC, there’ll be no going outside in treacherous weather to refuel your generator to keep your lights on! As the premier GENERAC generator service professionals in our region, PowerPro will always be there to ensure your generator is running in top condition, season after season.In addition to Generac, PowerPro is authorized to sell and service many other reliable brands including Briggs and Stratton, Gillette, Kohler, and Honeywell. We invite you to learn more about our generators, and our package pricing for your home or business. Do not wait until the leaves start to turn, avoid the rush, and contact us today!

GENERAC Generators for Your Home

logo (1)Power Pro Service Company provides GENERAC Generators to Long Island, offering you not just reliable power in case of emergencies, but more importantly providing peace of mind. Your home and family will be insulated from the dangers and inconveniences of power outages and blackouts. All your valuable electrical devices such as televisions, computers, and appliances will be kept safe from sudden interruptions in the flow of power, which can damage their sensitive electronic components. GENERAC generators Long Island are not only affordable, they are usually significantly quieter than other generators. GENERAC generators are installed permanently, which means they add value to your Long Island home. Because GENERAC generators are automatic and run off your current natural gas or LP fuel supply, you don’t need to maintain or refuel them in an emergency like other generators. When you lose power in a hurricane, thunderstorm, or ice storm, the last thing you want to be doing is going outside to refuel your generator. With GENERAC generators, you don’t need to worry about that.

Business Backup Systems from GENERAC

GENERAC generators are perfect for your business simply because they are the best around. When your business loses power, you start losing revenue immediately. A backup generator is a necessary component to protect against the dangers of power outages. GENERAC generators end up paying for themselves very quickly once you realize they are guarding your revenue stream. Just a single day of lost power can mean tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of lost revenue. Don’t let lack of foresight cripple your business; get a GENERAC generator for your Long Island business today, and keep your business running. Power outages are more frequent than many people realize. Up to half a million Americans go without power for an hour or more every day. Additionally, GENERAC generators feature the latest features, such as Code Ready, which allows for preconfigured options to ensure that your GENERAC generator Long Island is always up to local code. GENERAC generators are available in all voltage configurations.

GENERAC – We Generate Powerful Solutions for You

When you choose GENERAC generators, you get a generator manufactured by one of the most innovative companies around. That means your home or business stays one step ahead of the curve. Don’t let power outages cause problems for you; when everyone around you is without power, you’ll be enjoying the modern conveniences that electricity provides. GENERAC generators provide an option for almost every possible situation on Long Island. Whether you need a generator to keep your home running in an emergency or a multi-megawatt paralleling solution, GENERAC has you covered. It’s not hard to understand why countless Long Island homeowners, along with businesses in virtually every industry are protected by GENERAC generators.