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Port Washington offers residents an unmatched quality of life. The crown jewel of this upscale village is Manhasset Bay, which in the late 1930s was Pan-American World Airways’ New York base for their Yankee Clipper Boeing B-314 flying boats, as the calm waters were ideal for Pan Am’s flying boat operations. Today, the ‘Clippers are long gone, replaced by luxury sailboats and yachts moored in the harbor.

Here the average household income is a comfortable $217,492 while property values have surged over the past two years to approximately $1.2M. For decades, the short commuting distance to well-paying jobs in Manhattan made the village a mecca for business executives. Today many have opted for remote or hybrid work and having reliable power to their residences to run the technology that governs all our lives is essential. That’s where savvy home and local business owners who cannot afford downtime are considering the importance of purchasing quality, reliable, backup power generators from the local firm they can trust, Power Pro.

Around Port Washington and Port Washington North, generators are appearing in backyards and back alleys to provide the power businesses and business leaders require to remain productive no matter what the forecast predicts. In addition to being one of the best school districts in the nation, there are many businesses and restaurants in Port Washington.  Generators can ensure that their power remains on no matter how severe the weather.

Hurricanes notwithstanding, winters on the North Shore can also be grueling, especially along the ‘Sound. As the leading generator installers who also service this equipment, PowerPro Generators, Inc. wants to ensure that no one in this bustling village has to endure the hardship that severe weather can bring. That’s why we offer many ways to make generator ownership as convenient as possible. We also carry and service every leading generator brand, such as GENERAC, Kohler, and Briggs and Stratton to name a few. Even if you currently have a generator and did not purchase it from us, we’ll be glad to maintain and repair it as necessary. Having a home or industrial generator not only provides you and your family as well as your local business with peace of mind. It is also a value-add in Port Washington. Generators pay for themselves at resale by increasing the value of your home!

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