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Unless you live there, or in any of the surrounding towns, Manhasset, Roslyn, and Port Washington, you may not know about Flower Hill, New York. It is a small suburban village with only 4,883 residents as of 2022. Small, but well-heeled: the average family income here is $324,475. Flower Hill is within easy commuting to Manhattan by either numerous roadways and the rail line, the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). There are 1,515 residences with an average household of three persons. Many of these homes are luxurious, on large, well-manicured properties. The town places high on numerous surveys including the best schools in New York (#31) and among the best places to live in the state (#34) as well. By all accounts, Flower Hill is an idyllic place to live. Idyllic that is until severe weather knocks out power to the region. That means that one of the best value-adds any home or local business owner can consider is the installation of a standby stationery generator from PowerPro.


Having a standby generator increases resale home values by 5-8% in Flower Hill. Generators in general are a great idea not only for resale, but for convenience, safety, and peace of mind. There are two types of generators that are recommended for home and small business use: stationery and portable units. Both offer reliable backup power in the event of an outage. Having power during severe weather and its aftermath not only means that your lights, appliances, including your refrigerator and freezer, will remain on. Generators provide a measure of normalcy when circumstances for most of your neighborhood are anything but. Additionally, power outages provide unwelcome opportunities for criminal activity, including break-ins and looting. It does not have to happen. Speak with the experts at PowerPro. Bring us your questions and your requirements. We’ll gladly assist you to select the right unit for your home or business in Flower Hill. Generators are manufactured around the globe, but not all brands offer a quality product. Your PowerPro professionals only carry the best brands that are high performance and built to last.


When thinking about purchasing a standby power unit, there are other considerations for home and business owners in Flower Hill. Generators require permits and must be compliant with local ordinances that include noise levels. That’s why PowerPro offers a full range of residential generators that are appropriate for Flower Hill’s households and businesses. These units are designed to be quiet, reliable, and code compliant. We know that every town and village has a different requirement for generator installation and placement. This may limit other companies in their choice of product. That’s not the case here at PowerPro as we are the region’s largest supplier of residential and industrial generators with more than 7 name brands to choose from. We are conversant with local regulations and will gladly assist our customers to select from the best, and fully compliant, residential generators for any Long Island address.


Why You Should Purchase Your Generator from PowerPro

The standby power industry is growing exponentially. The rise in remote working from home as well as the need for every brick and mortar business to remain productive drives buying a generator for uninterrupted power no matter what the forecast. It is not a new industry, however. Frank Navetta, PowerPro’s Owner and President, has been involved since the onset and possesses more than 40 years of expertise and experience in the power generator industry. From his beginnings at Detroit Diesel in power generation and marine applications and sales, Frank next made a career shift to standby power generation design and fabrication in several countries with Caterpillar Power Systems. A true industry innovator, Frank also holds patents specific to generator electrical systems.


Education and innovation is the hallmark of our enterprise. We firmly believe in continuing and furthering the education of all of PowerPro’s technicians. Each receives continuing factory and in-service training throughout their tenure at PowerPro. Additionally, Frank lends his expertise by regularly teaching at the Electrical Training Center, where electricians update their skills and earn certificates on power generation knowledge and proper installation practices of residential and light commercial generators.


There are many companies and even some big box stores that offer standby power units for buyers from Flower Hill. Generators are not one and the same, however. There are top industry brands and these are the only manufacturers that PowerPro sells: GENERAC, KOHLER, Gillette, Cummins, and Briggs and Stratton. Another strong reason to buy your generator from PowerPro is our numerous industry associations including the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA), Hauppauge Industrial Association (HIA), Long Island Builders Institute (LIBI), Nassau Electrical League (NEL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association (SCECA).


As in any business relationship, we expect that you will measure our value by the work we perform and the satisfaction we provide. For the discriminating residents of Flower Hill, we expect nothing less. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise and unparalleled customer service.


For your best standby power generator options, meet the team at PowerPro- contact us today!

Flower Hill Generators Repair & Maintenance

muttontown-generators-installations-300x224We are the leading GENERAC generator Flower Hill and Kohler generator Flower Hill seller. Due to being aware that generators require maintenance, such as annual oil and filter changes, PowerPro provides Preventative Maintenance plans to make sure Flower Hill, NY 11030 residents equipment remains ready for when it is needed. If you are in need of generator repair Flower Hill call us at 631-567-2700.


PowerPro is permitted to sell, install, and repair every brand that has been mentioned in Flower Hill, NY 11030.

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