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Located 50 miles from Manhattan, Brookhaven seems to be a world away from NYC’s congestion and noise. The Township of Brookhaven is the most populous of the ten that comprise Suffolk County. It features great schools and an even greater quality of life for middle and upper class residents alike. However, seasonal storms can disrupt the serenity of this township and its namesake village. Widespread power outages are a normal occurrence. More and more savvy Brookhaven home and business owners are purchasing generators to keep safe and remain productive. The best source in Brookhaven for generators is PowerPro Generators, Inc.

Why? Your neighbors have depended on PowerPro Generators for decades. We offer an extensive selection of the top names in the industry and provide both professional installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our service pros are continuously trained in our industry’s latest techniques and technologies. The goal is to ensure every sale or service we provide exceeds our customer’s expectations.

We’ve touched on why PowerPro Generators is the go-to company in Brookhaven for generators. Here are two more reasons to consider buying a generator for your home. Having immediate access to backup power means your lights and security systems will continue to work throughout a power outage. There is a spike in robberies and vandalism during outages, so think of a generator investment as an additional safety feature and value add for your property as well. Do you have a family member with health issues that require continuous monitoring? The backup power that a generator creates provides the reassurance that even a sudden storm will not interrupt medical equipment efficiency.

Brookhaven Generators from PowerPro:

Speak with our representatives to learn which type of generator is best for your home or business needs. We carry:

  • Commercial Generators
  • LP Generators
  • Diesel Generators
  • Natural Gas Generators

PowerPro Carries only the top brands:

For natural gas and propane powered generators, GENERAC generators and Kohler generators, Power Pro Generators Inc. is the top choice.

Our generators are competitively priced, but this is not the only reason to purchase your Brookhaven generators from PowerPro. We have installation down to a science and will ensure the entire process, from obtaining permits and being code compliant to laying the cement foundation goes as smoothly as possible.

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